NCMA 2018, Kosice, Slovakia
Accepted Papers

Full papers (, band 332)

  • Pablo Arrighi, Clément Chouteau, Stefano Facchini and Simon Martiel. Causal dynamics of discrete manifolds
  • Martin Berglund, Frank Drewes and Brink van der Merwe. On regular expressions with backreferences and transducers
  • Maksims Dimitrijevs and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. Postselecting probabilistic finite state recognizers and verifiers
  • Markus Holzer and Martin Kutrib. Automata that may change their mind
  • Ondrej Klíma and Libor Polák. Forbidden patterns for ordered automata
  • Radim Kocman, Benedek Nagy, Zbyněk Křivka and Alexander Meduna. A jumping 5'->3' Watson-Crick finite automata model
  • Martin Kutrib and Friedrich Otto. Two-sided locally testable languages
  • František Mráz, Friedrich Otto and Martin Plátek. Characterizations of LRR-languages by correctness-preserving computations
  • Bianca Truthe. Networks of evolutionary processors with resources restricted filters
  • Qichao Wang and Yongming Li. Jumping restarting automata
  • Tomoyuki Yamakami. One-way topological automata and the tantalizing effects of their topological features

Short papers (booklet)

  • Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, Kristóf Kántor and György Vaszil. Parsing languages of P colony automata
  • Maksims Dimitrijevs and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz. Recognition of uncountably many languages with one counter
  • Markus Holzer and Michal Hospodár. Complexity of languages resulting from the cut operation in the unary case
  • Michal Hospodár and Matúš Palmovský. Nondeterministic complexity of power and positive closure on subclasses of convex languages
  • Özlem Salehi and Ahmet Celal Cem Say. Extended finite automata and decision problems for matrix semigroups

Papers in the Special Issue of JALC (Volume 25, Numbers 2-3)

  • Jürgen Dassow, Bianca Truthe: Generating Networks of Evolutionary Processors with Resources Restricted and Structure Limited Filters pp. 83-113
  • Markus Holzer, Martin Kutrib: Automata That May Change Their Mind pp. 115-140
  • Ondřej Klíma, Libor Polák: Forbidden Patterns for Ordered Automata pp. 141-169
  • Martin Kutrib, Friedrich Otto: On Two-Sided Locally Testable Languages pp. 171-199
  • Martin Plátek, Friedrich Otto, František Mráz: On h-Lexicalized Restarting List Automata pp. 201-234
  • Tomoyuki Yamakami: One-Way Topological Automata and the Tantalizing Effects of Their Topological Features pp. 235-273