38th International Summer Conference on Real Functions Theory

September 15–20, 2024

Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences announces that the

38th International Summer Conference on Real Functions Theory

with topics including but not limiting to generalized continuity, derivatives, integration, topology, measure, multifunctions, structures on the real line, as well as their applications will be held in

Congress center Academia, Stará Lesná (High Tatras), Slovakia

from September 15 to September 20, 2024.

The conference is the 38th in its series. Since 2005 it has rotated between Poland and Slovakia.

The 38th Summer Conference scientific program will include 45-minute lectures delivered by invited principal speakers and 20-minute contributed talks by conference participants.

The following:


Grażyna Horbaczewska
Dimitris Georgiou
Ljubiša D.R. Kočinac
Alexander V. Osipov

have promised to deliver the principal lectures.

Researchers whose interests fit in the general objectives of the conference are cordially invited to attend and offer short talks. As usual, an abstract booklet will be published including the abstracts of the presentations. Furthermore, the proceedings of the conference will be published as a special issue of Tatra Mountains Mathematical Publications.


The academic program will run from Monday, September 16 (morning) to Friday, September 20 (lunch), with one free day. More details will be announced later.

Conference Fees

The total fee for a participant is 540 EUR and it includes hotel accommodation, full board, and conference fee. The price of hotel accommodation and full board is 390 EUR. The conference fee is 150 EUR. The detailed information regarding payments can be found here.


If you are interested in attending this conference, please fill in the online registration form. The registration deadline is August 15, 2024.


Please send us an abstract of your talk, as a TeX source using the following template (or similar) by email to iscrft2024@saske.sk. Abstracts sent by August 31, 2024 will be included in the abstract book.

If you need more information, write to us. We will be happy to be of assist you. You can send us an email (iscrft2024@saske.sk) or you can use "Information for organizers" field of the registration form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Programme and Organizing Committee:

Ľubica Holá (Slovakia) – chair
Peter Eliaš (Slovakia)
Branislav Novotný (Slovakia)
Stanisław Kowalczyk (Poland)
Katarína Štefančíková (Slovakia) – secretary