Accepted Papers

Simon Beier and Markus Holzer:
Nondeterministic Right One-Way Jumping Finite Automata (Extended Abstract)
Janusz Brzozowski, Sylvie Davies, and Abhishek Madan:
State Complexity of Single-Word Pattern Matching in Regular Languages
Sylvie Davies and Michal Hospodár:
Square, Power, Positive Closure, and Complementation on Star-Free Languages
Henning Fernau, Lakshmanan Kuppusamy, and Indhumathi Raman:
Descriptional Complexity of Matrix Simple Semi-Conditional Grammars
Henning Fernau and Martin Vu:
Regulated Tree Automata
Daniel Gabric, Štěpán Holub, and Jeffrey Shallit:
Generalized de Bruijn Words and the State Complexity of Conjugate Sets
Kitti Gelle and Szabolcs Iván:
The Syntactic Complexity of Semi-Flower Languages
Yo-Sub Han, Sang-Ki Ko, and Kai Salomaa:
Limited Nondeterminism of Input-Driven Pushdown Automata:
Decidability and Complexity
Mathieu Hoyrup, Cristóbal Rojas, Victor Selivanov, and Donald Stull:
Computability on Quasi-Polish Spaces
Galina Jirásková and Ivana Krajňáková:
NFA-to-DFA Trade-Off for Regular Operations
Lila Kari and Timothy Ng:
State Complexity of Simple Splicing
Chris Keeler and Kai Salomaa:
Nondeterminism Growth and State Complexity
Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher, Carlo Mereghetti, and Beatrice Palano:
Descriptional Complexity of Iterated Uniform Finite State Transducers
Mizuhito Ogawa and Victor Selivanov:
On Classes of Regular Languages Related to Monotone WQOs
Alexander Okhotin and Elizaveta Sazhneva:
State Complexity of GF(2)-Concatenation and GF(2)-Inverse on Unary Languages
Giovanni Pighizzini and Luca Prigioniero:
Pushdown Automata and Constant Height:
Decidability and Bounds
Petra Wolf:
On the Decidability of Finding a Positive ILP-Instance in a Regular Set of ILP-Instances
Tomoyuki Yamakami:
How Does Adiabatic Quantum Computation Fit into Quantum Automata Theory?