Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Extension in Košice

Slovenská verzia

Mathematical Institute
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Stefanikova 49
814 73  Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Director: doc. RNDr. Karol NEMOGA, CSc.
tel./fax (++421) (02) 52-497-316

Extension in Košice:
Mathematical Institute (MU SAV)
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Gresakova 6
040 01 Kosice
Slovak Republic

tel./fax (++421) (055) 622-8291

Head: Roman FRIČ, RNDr., DrSc., Associate Professor
Principal Research Fellow

Secretary: Katarína STEFANČÍKOVÁ

Research Fellows:

PhD Students:

Our former colleagues:

The Extention of Mathematical Institute in Košice has been founded in 1978. Since the very beginning there is a close cooperation with mathematical departments at P. J. Šafárik University and Technical University in Košice. The research actvities focus mainly on algebra, graph theory, logic and set theory, topology, real analysis and applications. At present, the following major grants are awarded:
Fellows of the Extension participate in several other national (VEGA, APVV) and international projects.

Most of the fellows are part-time lecturers at various universities. Also, they serve as members of scientific boards, editorial boards, PhD committees, and other scienific and educational committees. Further details about fellows, their activities, and their publications can be obtained from their personal web pages or can be requested by e-mail.