Seminar of the Extension of the Mathematical Institute SAS in Košice

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9. 2. 2023, 9:15 Ján Haluška
26. 1. 2023 Peter Eliaš – Functors, monads, adjunctions
Abstract: We will make a quick overview of the basic concepts of category theory: functor, natural transformation, monad, adjunction. We will illustrate the concepts based on the results of work [Jenča, G. Orthomodular posets are algebras over bounded posets with involution. Soft Comput 26, 491–498 (2022)] and indicate the possibilities of solving the problem formulated there.
19. 1. 2023 Jan Makovský (Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences) – Leibniz's path to the infinitesimal
Abstract: What do the world vortex and souls, collisions of bodies, ether, atoms and infinity have in common? The struggle for the independence of geometrically constructed nature takes place within the concept of movement: in the abyss of the "science of the point", between the divisible and the indivisible, quantity and its limit.